PRO WRESTLING: WWE CEO Vince McMahon talks CM Punk, more on Steve Cold Steve Austin live podcast on WWE Network

Steve Austin’s Live Podcast with Vince McMahon on the WWE Network after Monday Night Raw will go down in history.

The two onscreen rivals set sports entertainment on fire in the 1990s. They sat together to discuss many hot topics on Monday, Dec. 1.

Kudos to the “Texas Rattlesnake” for asking the hardball questions fans wanted answered. Kudos also to the Chairman of WWE for answering Austin’s questions and not holding back.

“Stone Cold” wasn’t ever one to sugarcoat, which makes him so good at his job. He was the perfect host. Austin may have got more out of McMahon in a public forum, on the record, than anyone ever before.

Among the more newsworthy parts of the conversation was McMahon’s response to CM Punk’s talked about exit from the company earlier this year. The boss actually apologized for his termination papers making it to the “Best in the World” on his wedding day. He called it a case of bad timing. McMahon went on to say he believes there is a glimmer of hope the two sides can come together one day.

Considering the head honcho’s past business beefs with the late Ultimate Warrior, Bruno Sammartino, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan and even Austin himself, never say never. “Stone Cold” revealed he was fined $250,000 when he walked out on WWE in 2002. This was brought down from the original $625,000. Austin asked McMahon if he heard Punk on Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast (Hi Colt Cabana). McMahon said no.

This was the tip of the iceberg of a show every fan should check out. It’s worth the $9.99 a month on WWE Network for sure.

Austin even mentioned TNA Impact Wrestling when discussing the void of real competition for WWE with respect to the Nashville-based company. He probably gave TNA more substantial promotion in the program than Spike TV did in nine years. McMahon said WWE competes against all cable and television programming like Disney and other heavyweights.

Austin went to bat for Cesaro. McMahon talked about what Cesaro was lacking, which went beyond his physical gifts.

The often controversial figure basically challenged his roster to be more ambitious. McMahon says nobody is really grabbing for the brass ring to become the next John Cena. McMahon did praise talent such as Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt.

McMahon provided insight on the difficulty of providing hours of weekly episodic television. Austin says he wants more in-ring product. McMahon responded by saying there needs to be stories told. He corrected Austin when he referred to WWE as pro wrestling. “Pro Wrestling is what my dad did,” McMahon shot back.

Sports entertainment.

The two reminisced about their legendary feud. McMahon also looked back at his beginnings as an announcer. Austin also got confirmation that “Macho Man” Randy Savage will go into the WWE Hall of Fame sooner than later.

McMahon stood by and defended his decision for Brock Lesnar to end The Undertaker’s streak and for the current WWE champion to appear on a part-time basis. He can see Sting at WrestleMania, as well as working with Jim Ross again.

Although McMahon confirmed the beloved announcer is not part of the company in large part because of “unprofessional behavior” during the SummerSlam panel in 2013 in Los Angeles and also his move from Connecticut (where WWE is based) to his home in Oklahoma.

We got an update on what his son, Shane, is doing.

After going the designated time, McMahon waved off producers and gave 15 minutes of overtime.

I for one hope this isn’t the last time we see this show. I would love to see a live Steve Austin podcast every week. Throw the script out the window and present something that doesn’t insult the fans’ intelligence. They did it with the ECW Exposed special with Paul Heyman and Joey Styles. They did it with the Steve Austin Podcast with Vince McMahon. Programming like this is what WWE should be promoting for its network because it’s special and unique.

Same time next week? I’m ready for round two.

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