The Roman Show with Global Force Wrestling’s Doc Gallows, a TNA Wrestling, WWE alum

Former WWE superstar and TNA Wrestling wrestler Doc Gallows says the Bullet Club is paying homage to the nWo/Kliq hand gesture.

Gallows joined The Roman Show to promote his upcoming appearance with Global Force Wrestling, which is currently on tour this summer across the country.

“We wanted to revive it. Not only did we want to pay homage, but hey we are now the cool guys now. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Buff Bagwell support it. The Japanese fans call it the wolf kiss. It has come back. We brought it back. It is something wrestling fans are familiar with.”

The Bullet Club is a popular group in New Japan Pro Wrestling similar to the new World order.

Gallows also touched based on GFW allowing different wrestlers from other promotions.

“It’s an exciting time for fans and wrestlers. We are going to take part in matches that have never been done before,” he said. “There are companies from all over the world trying to bring everyone together.”

With the new wrestlers making their way into the United States, fans will be dazzled by a different form of wrestling such as the Japanese Strong Style. These wrestlers include members of the Bullet Club.

“I think the strong style is a movement that the fans want that’s what they are going to expect,” said Gallows, a former New Pro Wrestling tag title holder. “I stepped up my game in Japan and that means I need to step mine up here. It challenges us as performers. Fans are going to see the best of us.”

Formerly D.O.C. for TNA Wrestling, he also spoke about leadership in the Bullet Club, since the departure of the group’s former head honcho, Prince Devitt, now Finn Balor in NXT. Is Former TNA Impact Wrestling star A.J. Styles is considered the Bullet Club’s new leader?

“There is no leader. We grow with more members,” Gallows said. “When Devitt left, he was such a great performer, and A. J. Styles came in, and his in ring work is great. I feel A. J. is more successful now more than he has ever been. He is traveling everywhere.”

Gallows, formerly Festus and Luke Gallows in WWE, also discusses CM Punk, stables in professional wrestling and who he wants to compete against in GFW.

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