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Book review of UFC champ Ronda Rousey’s ‘My Fight/Your Fight’

Ronda Rousey is the toughest female athlete on the planet. Thanks to her success in international Judo, Strike Force and currently the Ultimate Fighting Championships, she is poised for mega-stardom as she is part of two huge movies this year, “Fast & Furious 7” and “Entourage: the Movie.”

But did you know all of her successes were dangerously close to never existing?

Rousey, the undefeated UFC Bantamweight champ, and co-author Maria Burns Ortiz cover everything you ever wanted to know about “Rowdy” Ronda in an exceptional autobiography “My Fight/Your Fight” (Regan Arts, 301pp; $26.95).

The part about it never existing is 100-percent true as Rousey nearly died at birth thanks to her umbilical cord nearly choking her out. But like everything else that followed in her life, Rousey survived with flying colors.

She was born into life through a Judo champion mother and a retired father, who moved from Los Angeles to North Dakota. This must have been a tough journey for Rousey to relive in the writing as she outlines a snow sledding accident that would change her family forever. In reality, if the accident never happened, you wouldn’t be reading this review. After the tragedy subsided, Judo became a major part of Rousey’s life. It took her from local competitions to numerous international championships and two Olympic appearances.

This book also features Rousey’s philosophy on life and training. Chapters of the book include motivational thoughts like “No One Has the Right to Beat You,” “Champions Always Do More” and “If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do it.”

In addition to going in-depth about her meteoric rise from MMA amateur to her current place in the UFC Universe, she also breaks down her trouble in the world of romance plus rivalries with Cat Zingano, Misha Tate and their fan bases.

She doesn’t discuss her love for pro wrestling. She doesn’t mention The Four Horsewomen, a stable of MMA women led by Rousey, and how they frequent Pro Wrestling Guerrilla events in California, and she did not address her appearance at WWE WrestleMania 31 in March in Santa Clara, Calif. That was most likely print locked beforehand.

I hope she does appear at WWE WrestleMania 32 in April in Arlington, Texas and countless movies while being the top lady in UFC. She clearly has fought from the depths of hell to be in paradise.

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