A WWE sports entertainment/pro wrestling style tribute to David Letterman

David Letterman said good-bye on Wednesday, May 20, after an astonishing 33-year career, including hosting the “Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS. That’s an incredible accomplishment.

I recall first watching Dave, in college in 1983, up late (night owl, still am) in the student lounge on the big screen TV or in my room on the 10-inch black-n-white set while sifting through notes, writing papers for class or crafting stories for the student newspaper.

Those days not the Stone Age, but technology needed a big lift.

Known as “Late Night with David Letterman,” the show just groundbreaking, a talk show following “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson on NBC. That was unheard of, and his success opened the door to other innovative, late, late night talk shows.

His smartly stupid humor helped keep me awake, especially on those nights made for last minute exam cramming or term papers, which were aplenty, and then later on those late night working shifts.

Good memories. Good times.


That brings me to my list of Top 5 pro wrestling related segments late night with David Letterman.





No.1 (Comedy Gold)

That brings me to some bonus audio/video below that combine David Letterman with pro wrestling/sports entertainment.


(Updated) From Photographer Howard Baum