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Get ready for Ronin Pro Wrestling with Leva Bates, Tommy Dreamer, Alex Chamberlain, Al Snow, Shawn Prime, Rock-n-Roll Express, Jonny Vandal, Rob Van Dam in Miami

Ronin Pro Wrestling www.roninprowrestling.com will debut in Miami on Saturday, Sept. 27 at the Miami Airport Convention Center.

Wrestling superstars, legends and performers will attend the event which includes wrestling, a fanfest and seminars.

Rob Van Dam (WWE, WWF, ECW, TNA), Tommy Dreamer (ECW, WWE, TNA), Al Snow (WWF, WWE, ECW, TNA), Joel Gertner (ECW, WWE, TNA), The Rock ’N’ Roll Express: Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson (WCW, NWA, UWF), B. Brian Blair (WWF, WCCW, New Japan, FCW), Alex Chamberlain, Shawn Prime, Edward Malken, Jonny Vandal, Leva Bates, Solo Darling, Justine Silver, Donovan, Aron Agony, and Dynamite Didi will be participating in the launch of this brand new wrestling organization, based in South Florida.

All talent booked for the event will be part of a fanfest from 4-7:30 p.m. The wrestling show, which starts at 8 p.m., features 10 matches, including Alex Chamberlain vs. Frank Stone, Shawn Prime vs. Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow vs. Edward Malken, Jonny Vandal vs Eddie Graves, Leva Bates vs Dynamite Didi, The FRENEMIES (Aron Agony and Jude Mackenzie) vs T.E.C.H. (TC Read and Mike Monroe) vs. The Fanboys (Jaison Moore and Shane Swift), Solo Darling vs Justine Silver, El Protagonista vs Jack Zero, Mikaze vs Joey Bricco, and Donovan vs Oliver Caine.

In addition to wrestling and the fanfest, industry veteran Joel Gertner will host a special seminar titled “EVERYTHING BUT (the) WRESTLING.” Gertner is an established wrestling manager, announcer, promoter, and personality with more than 23 years wrestling experience via ECW, TNA, WWE and MXW Pro Wrestling.

The seminar/symposium/workshop/Q&A will focus on developing skills as a wrestling performer, on-camera talent, writer, director, producer, promoter. Gertner will discuss all aspects of the industry that go hand in glove with wrestling itself, such as intangibles that elevate careers and the skills that allow people who are not ‘wrestlers’ to make a name for themselves, a living and if fortunate, a successful career in the wrestling business.

Topics include psychology, acting, character development, promos, writing, production, social media, self promotion, getting booked, negotiation, wrestling culture, being the CEO and more insight on how to be a better wrestling personality and get noticed.

Ronin Pro Wrestling is organized by the team behind Florida Supercon www.floridasupercon.com

and Animate! Miami www.animatemiami.com

which includes their very popular Florida Super Championship Wrestling events www.facebook.com/FSCWrestling.

Florida Supercon and Animate! Miami are the two largest comic-con type events in South Florida, with more than 43,000 individuals in attendance for Florida Supercon 2014. For the past five years, the organizers have presented Florida Super Championship Wrestling events at their conventions and partner events, with more than 30 wrestling cards booked.

Tickets for Ronin Pro Wrestling start at $10 advance and $15 at the door. The Miami Airport Convention Center is at 777 NW 72nd Ave., Miami, 33126. The event will occur in the 50,000-squar foot west hall of the convention center.

Visit www.roninprowrestling.com

Twitter @RONINpw