PRO WRESTLING: Howard Brody, Ring Warriors on The Roman Show

Ring Warriors, under the direction of Larry Brannon and Howard Brody, is in Miami on Saturday, April 11 for TV tapings.

There are two sesssions, one beginning at 1 p.m. and the other at 7 p.m. at the Comtel/WPBT-TV Channel 2 Studios, 14901 NW 20th Ave., Miami.

Featured include the Marquee Bruce Santee, Santana Garrett, Jessy Sorensen, GT Marshall, The Almighty Sheik, Sonjay Dutt, Steve Corino, Giant Titan, Chase Stevens, Chaz, La Rosa Negra, The Slambinos, Alex Chaberlain, Monster Tarver, Luke Hawx, Wes Brisco, Lince Dorado, Kory Chavis, So Cal Val, Los Ben Dejos and Maxwell Chicago.

Admission is free. First come, first served seating without tickets.

Advanced free tickets are available via the Ring Warriors web page and Facebook page.


Brody was recently interviewed about the TV tapings by Rodolfo Roman of The Roman Show.

“This is a different type of atmosphere. It is nice and clean. It has clean bathrooms. We listened to what the people requested,” Brody said. “This is one of the reasons why we do these things free. We are bringing a lot of top talent and a lot of local talent like Alex Chamberlin. Alex is a top guy down here. Tommy Vandall will return to South Florida.”

Brody promises to have fans on the edge of their seats.

“Fans will see a lot of competitive action,” he said. “What is cool is that it is giving the fans a behind the scenes of television,” he said. “It is going to be fun and people will enjoy it.”

The shows will air in Thailand, India, Singapore, and plans are that people can possibly see the tapings on local television. Ring Warriors will tape six hours of television wrestling. They will return for more tapings in late May.

To hear the future of Ring Warriors, click here to hear the complete interview.