University of Florida

Albert, Florida Gators mascot, saves child from baseball beaning

In the midst of a low-scoring midweek baseball game, the University of Florida’s mascot made the highlight reel when he saved a young fan from a foul ball.

In the bottom of the fourth inning Tuesday during the Gators' 2-1 win over North Florida, Albert E. Gator, the reptilian mascot wearing his white No. 1 baseball jersey shielded a young fan from a foul ball, leaning over the the boy and deflecting the ball with his foam head.

The young fan, first startled then surprised after realizing what happened, looked to his right after the ball popped into the stands along the first-base sideline to see the mascot playfully laying down in the seats as if he were unconscious. The boy then performed CPR on the heroic mascot.