Florida International U

Execution huring FIU Panthers’ passing game

FIU has put the deep ball in moth balls the last two weeks. Last week’s loss to UMass featured only one throw downfield, a rollout pass that fifth-year senior wide receiver Clinton Taylor dropped.

Coach Ron Turner pointed to FIU’s execution as he did after the loss to Louisiana Tech. FIU’s offensive line included three redshirt freshmen — Kai Absheer, Chris Miller and Daquane Wilkie — with Miller making his first start of the season.

“We had some others called,” Turner said. “We either didn’t get it off or whatever. But it was a different style of defense [than La Tech played].”

“They just ran their defense, they didn’t do anything special. They out-executed us. No excuses, but we had three redshirt freshmen on the offensive line and only one who had started five games [Wilkie]. So we made some mistakes, we never got in sync.”