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FIU’s Michael Wakefield gets partial credit for sack

Getting some partial credit

When is an obvious quarterback sack not a sack? Apparently, when it occurs during a road game.

FIU’s Michael Wakefield took down Indiana quarterback Nate Sudfeld as Sudfeld attempted to pass on fourth-and-6 form the FIU 29 on last week’s first drive. Sudfeld had scrambled backwards to buy time and was still trying to throw when Wakefield sacked him. The resulting fumble was recovered at the 50.

The official play-by-play stated that Sudfeld was tackled for no gain, amazingly ignoring that he was taken down well behind the line of scrimmage or that the same crew’s own official statistics credited the 21-yard loss to Sudfeld. The official statistic sheet didn’t credit Wakefield with a sack or tackle for loss on the play.

FIU appealed to Indiana’s sports information department, which relented only in counting it as a tackle-for-loss.