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FIU to start freshman Alex McGough at QB again

FIU coach Ron Turner confirmed freshman quarterback Alex McGough would start for the third consecutive game Saturday against Louisville. But as for junior E.J. Hilliard getting his turn during each of the final three quarters, as he did by plan in each of FIU’s last two games?

“He could. We’ll see how it goes,” Turner said.

Hilliard entered Saturday’s loss to Pitt with FIU having scored on two of the previous three possessions and ahead 16-7. FIU’s only first-half three-and-out ensued. The drive to FIU’s first second-half score, a 43-yard field goal, came via Hilliard’s option fakery and running. But then Hilliard got flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone. That safety and Pitt’s follow-up touchdown drive gave Pitt a 35-19 cushion that a later McGough-led touchdown drive couldn’t dent.