Florida International U

Conference USA: Officials made timeout mistake

A Conference USA spokesman admitted that officials working FIU’s 14-12 loss to Bethune-Cookman made a mistake on a potentially key sequence late in the first half.

Down 7-3, FIU eschewed the field goal on fourth and 2 from the Bethune 3. After calling a timeout to discuss the call, the Panthers were tardy getting lined up for the fourth-down play. Quarterback Alex McGough and running back Lamarq Caldwell tried to call another timeout with the play clock running down. Officials didn’t grant the timeout and flagged FIU for delay of game.

Now at fourth and 7, FIU kicked a field goal. The conference admitted the second timeout should have been granted. Consecutive timeouts without a play being run are not legal in the NFL but are in college football.

“Nothing ever costs you a game because there are other opportunities otherwise,” FIU coach Ron Turner said.

No extra punishment to be dealt for fight

Cornerback Randy Harvey won’t face any extra punishment from Conference USA after being tossed from Saturday’s win against Wagner for his fight with Wagner wide receiver Keith Foster.