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FIU swimmers save woman caught in rip current

Jessica Chadwick and Chase Harris, members of FIU’s Conference USA champion swimming & diving team, managed to save one of two swimmers caught in rip currents at North Palm Beach’s John D. MacArthur Park on Saturday.

According to reports from WPBF-ABC 25 in Palm Beach County, the body of the second swimmer, 21-year-old Dario Williams, was spotted Sunday by a fisherman.

Once the current took Williams and his cousin, Chadwick and Harris jumped in to save them.

“I think it’s a testament to their character to instantly respond to someone in need, even as you put yourself in danger,” FIU coach Randy Horner said.

Chadwick’s reaction had to be instinctive — a severe reaction to jellyfish stings cost her the entire 2013-14 season so, Horner said, “she’s deathly afraid of open water.”

Williams’ cousin got towed in by holding on to Chadwick’s foot, Chadwick told a WPBF reporter. Harris tried to get to Williams, she told the reporter, but waves and current took him away from her despite her furious search efforts.

Horner said both women attended Monday’s practice at which teammates lauded their effort during the pre-practice meeting.