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Watch former LSU coach Les Miles ‘stealing’ trophy in this funny commercial

The Fansville mystery is over.

During Monday’s national championship game between Clemson and Alabama, the season finale for Dr. Pepper’s commercials titled, “Fansville,” was aired.

The mystery surrounding who stole the national championship trophy was unveiled.

And it was none other than former LSU coach Les Miles, who took over at Kansas in November.

In the commercial, the Fansville County sheriff, played by former college star and NFL player Brian Bosworth, is pouring over evidence accrued throughout the season, before having a talk with the ticket man, played by actor Ray Wise, who shares it was store clerk Les Miles that stole the trophy.

Bosworth and Miles engage in a hilarious ending to the season with a verbal exchange as Bosworth approaches Miles, who is standing above him from the top of a gas station with the trophy during a thunderstorm.

“Legendary coach Les Miles, game’s over,” Bosworth says. “The trophy belongs to the national champions.”

“Call me by my real name, the Mad Hatter,” Miles replied.

Bosworth asks Miles why he’s on the roof, which Miles states he thought it’d be dramatic.

Then Bosworth says it is, which sees Miles unleash his villainous laugh and Bosworth giving Miles a warning.

“That trophy’s practically a lightning rod,” Bosworth says.

“A lightning what?” Miles says just as he gets electrocuted by a lightning bolt.

Miles survives the blast as Bosworth is shown putting him in his sheriff’s car with a Dr. Pepper in hand.

Watch the full episode, called “Unusual Suspects Pt. 2,” here:

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