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Miami Hurricanes tackle Trevor Darling enters pretrial diversion program

Trevor Darling during media day at the University of Miami on Fri., Aug. 15, 2014.
Trevor Darling during media day at the University of Miami on Fri., Aug. 15, 2014. MIAMI HERALD STAFF

University of Miami football player Trevor Darling, the Hurricanes’ starting left offensive tackle, has entered a pretrial diversion program in the case stemming from his Miami Beach arrest March 9 on a misdemeanor charge of “resisting officer without violence.’’

Reserve tackle Jahair Jones, who was arrested with Darling that night and whose arraignment is set for April 11 in the Miami Beach Courthouse, will likely get the same resolution.

Pretrial diversion stipulates that the accused person must successfully complete certain conditions in order to get the charges dropped. According to a spokesperson from the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, the conditions that Darling must successfully complete in order to get his charge dropped are taking “a values course’’ and staying away from the incident location at the 100 block of 8th Street in Miami Beach.

Both players were together during spring break when, according to the police affidavits, they were in the middle of the roadway and impeded traffic. The individual arrest affidavits said they ignored two police officers’ repeated orders to remove themselves from the roadway.

Days later, former teammate Tyriq McCord said he was with the two just before they were arrested and that they were not in “the middle’’ of the street, but were right next to the curb adjacent to the sidewalk.

Darling and Jones have been participating in spring practice since it began March 15.