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Jaquan Johnson unfollowed Manny Diaz on Instagram when he left for Temple. ‘I was upset’

It’s hard to find many people who were more excited than Jaquan Johnson when Manny Diaz got the job as coach of the Miami Hurricanes. An all-conference safety last season, Johnson has been one of the leaders on Diaz’s defense for years in Coral Gables, so he knows about what the coach can do for the program.

Apparently, it’s also hard to find many people who were more upset than Johnson when the coach briefly left Miami to become the coach of the Temple Owls.

“To be honest, when he first left — he don’t even know this — but I unfollowed him,” Johnson said after working out in front of NFL scouts at UM Pro Day on Monday. “On Instagram, I unfollowed Coach Diaz when he left because I was so upset.”

Johnson, who is one of three Hurricanes defensive backs likely to be selected in the 2019 NFL Draft in April, got to speak publicly in South Florida on Monday for the first time since Diaz took over as coach, so naturally questions about his old defensive coordinator arose.

Plenty of other defensive players have said they were thrilled for Diaz when he left for Temple. Fellow defensive back Sheldrick Redwine said Monday he sent Diaz a direct message to congratulate him on his job with the Owls.

Johnson was a little more upset, but the defensive back has clearly forgiven Diaz. Now Johnson is excited about the direction Diaz has the Hurricanes headed.

“As soon as he got the job back I followed him back, like, My bad, Coach,” Johnson said with a big smile. “I was upset and I was caught in the heat of the moment.”

As for Diaz’s reaction, well, there hasn’t been one yet. Johnson never told Diaz about what he did.

“I didn’t even tell him,” Johnson said, “so when y’all release this he’ll find out.”

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