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Hurricanes coach Manny Diaz on WQAM regarding O-Coordinator: ‘Sources say, not yet’

At least for now, and now could mean just Wednesday morning or all-day Wednesday, University of Miami football coach Manny Diaz will not be announcing a new offensive coordinator.

Diaz went on WQAM radio with Joe Rose and Zach Krantz on Wednesday and was immediately asked about the offensive coordinator situation. Diaz fired the entire offensive coaching staff on Dec. 31.

“I thought sources said we’ve hired about six different guys,’’ joked Diaz, who was hired as the UM coach to replace retiring Mark Richt on Dec. 30. “That’s the problem. I gotta check out how to try to fit ‘em all in one staff.

“It’s been great. You learn, this is a process that you gotta see it through. You’re really not just hiring one guy. You’re hiring a group of guys that I’ve said all along that a football staff is not fantasy football. You don’t just put guys together and put them in a room and expect it to all happen. You want to make sure there’s great alignment along the staff. So, there are multiple things that are always occurring at one time.

“And then you’ve got to be respectful for people’s timetables and the time when it can happen.”

Offensive coordinator talk among media outlets first centered around former North Carolina coach Larry Fedora and then moved to former Houston coach Major Applewhite, with some other names, such as Toledo offensive coordinator Brian Wright, thrown in as well during the past week.

Said Diaz on WQAM: “The first third-down next year in the Florida game, no one will remember if the hire happened on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. It will just matter in terms of if it was the right guy.

“I’ve really been guided by that principle all along. I still really feel good about kind of where it’s going. I know everybody is refreshing their twitter feed every second, but it’s coming, I promise. It’s coming.”

The dead period for recruiting ends Thursday, as teams march toward National Signing Day on Feb. 6.

Rose tried his best to get Diaz to break.

“We thought maybe you were going to give us a little something during the day, like ‘Hey guys, I just got it done a little while ago. Major Applewhite is going to be here,’ or something like that,’’ Rose told Diaz. “But you’re not doing that today?”

“Today is not the day,’’ Diaz replied. “There are still a couple of things. You know, there’s I’s getting dotted and T’s getting crossed and so on and so forth.’’

Rose: “But you are close? You are close to getting some guys done that you like?”

“Oh I think so,’’ Diaz said. “Yeah, I think so. Our goal of getting things sort of situated as we get into the weekend and head out into the final three-week stretch of recruiting I think is still the plan, still intact.”

At the end of the interview, Krantz gave it one more try.

“You sure you don’t want to name your offensive coordinator?”

Replied Diaz: “Sources say, ‘Not yet.’ Everybody is googling ‘not yet.’ Who is that guy?”

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