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Mark Richt breaks down each quarterback that played in UM’s thrashing of Savannah State

Hurricanes Coach Richt talks about the 77-0 win over Savannah State

Miami Hurricanes Coach Mark Richt speaks to the media after the University of Miami defeats Savannah State 77-0 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on Saturday, September 8, 2018.
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Miami Hurricanes Coach Mark Richt speaks to the media after the University of Miami defeats Savannah State 77-0 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

University of Miami coach Mark Richt, on Monday during his weekly WQAM radio show, spoke specifically how each of the four quarterbacks played in the Miami Hurricanes’ 77-0 rout of Savannah State.

On senior starter Malik Roser, who again will start Saturday on the road at Toledo and completed eight of 12 passes for 131 yards and two touchdowns, with a 1-yard rushing touchdown: “We thought he played well. Was he on spot every single throw? Maybe not perfect but he put the ball in play. He didn’t put any balls that would go in harm’s way as I like to call it. He didn’t throw any balls that could have or should have been picked.

“Then, of course, he threw a beautiful ball to Jeff Thomas for that touchdown. He hit him on the dead run and allowed Jeff to get in there and hit the pylon with the ball and get that score.”

On first backup N’Kosi Perry, a redshirt freshman who completed nine of 14 passes for 93 yards and three touchdowns, with four runs for -3 yards that encompassed a sack: “N’Kosi came in and for the most part in the very beginning he was a little bit hyped, which is normal.

“I thought his footwork was just a tad bit fast. A couple times he was cutting the ball loose maybe a little bit quicker than he would have if he was settled in there just a little bit more. But then after that he began to throw some dimes.

“He did throw one ball right into the belly of a defender. It was a play where they matched up a good coverage against the route that we threw. I really was bummed out that I made that call, but you gotta prove to us, too, as a quarterback that if nobody is open you’ve got to scramble or throw the ball away in a safe spot. He’ll learn from that.”

Miami Hurricanes Coach Mark Richt speaks to the media about the turnover chain after the University of Miami defeats Savannah State 77-0 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018.

On second backup Cade Weldon, a redshirt freshman who completed one of two passes for 14 yards, with a 16-yard touchdown rush: “Weldon, he had the one ball that could have been picked. It was a situation where you’ve got a little coverage disguising. It looked like a two-deep but at the last second it rolled to a three-deep and he ended up almost throwing a pick there.

“But then from that point on he played pretty much flawless. He pulled on his own read and scored and threw a beautiful pass to [tight end Brian] Polendey and for the most part did very well other than that one throw.”

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On third backup Jarren Williams, a true freshman who completed one of three passes for 17 yards, and ran twice for two yards, including a 1-yard touchdown: “Jarren had his moments, too. He made a beautiful throw to Marquez Ezzard. The next throw was to [Mark] Pope and it looked like it was going to be wide open and Pope ended up slipping coming out of his break.

“Jarren actually pulled the ball and scored on one he should have handed it to Bobby Burns there – Robert Burns.”

Richt chuckled here: “Normally, your teammates come and celebrate with you, but Burns was like, he’s like running in the end zone for a touchdown and Jarren pulled it out of his belly and scored himself. So, it was actually a play that was supposed to be a 100-percent give and [Williams] ended up pulling it anyway and scoring.

“But it was fun to see those guys play and just start to get some kind of collegiate experience.”

Richt also spoke about the importance of experience for a quarterback.

“You can do some great things and show flashes of brilliance,’’ Richt said. “But you also have to manage the entire game — the run game, the pass protections, just knowing what type of disguises are happening. It’s one thing to look at a defense pre-snap, before the snap, and have an idea of what it is. But then the ball is snapped and people start moving on you. And if you’re not reading your right keys you might throw a ball into the belly of a safety or whatever it is.

“So, as young guys are learning you don’t want to cost the whole team because, ‘Well, he’s just trying to figure it out and he’ll make his mistakes.’

“A D-lineman can make a mistake and usually a linebacker can cover it up pretty easily. If a D-lineman goes in the wrong gap, then the linebacker can fill the other gap. Then you’ve got a safety behind him.

“But if a quarterback makes a mistake or two or three it may cost everybody. We’ve got to make sure these guys are ready for the moments they’re going to get into. The good news is the future is very bright,’’ he concluded, adding that if Rosier is needed “anytime soon,’’ then “I think we have some pretty capable guys that can come in and do it.”

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Miami Hurricanes run out of the smoke at Hard Rock Stadium in the season opener against Savannah State on Sept. 8, 2018.

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