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The day I shared my Halloween candy with Mark Richt: Touchdown!

University of Miami football coach Mark Richt made this pile of candy get a little smaller.
University of Miami football coach Mark Richt made this pile of candy get a little smaller. Susan Miller Degnan

I wanted to give out all the Degnan family’s leftover Halloween candy.

But my fellow reporters weren’t interested.

So, I tried my next best option: University of Miami football coach Mark Richt.


I had the large Ziploc bag ready to go for Coach.

“Hold on,’’ he said Wednesday, when I tried to get his attention, not realizing I had the loot. “Let me do this first if you don’t mind…”

“I wanted to...’’ I said.

He looked at the candy and his eyes lit up as if I had just crossed the end zone against next opponent Virginia Tech.

“Oh, wow!” Richt said to me. “You giving them out? All of it or just one?”

“Please, take it from me,’’ I pleaded. “Take a big handful.”

Richt dug in and went for his “two favorites,’’ Butterfinger and York Peppermint Pattie, but by mistake he grabbed a Baby Ruth instead of the Peppermint Pattie.

“This is my dad’s favorite, by the way,” Richt said, returning the Baby Ruth.

I urged him to take another.

“Wait a minute. I saw one more,’’ he said, this time grabbing the Peppermint Pattie successfully.

Richt went on to name his captains for this week — tight end Chris Herndon, defensive end Chad Thomas, safety Jaquan Johnson and kicker Michael Badgley.

Then, back to the topic of the day.

Richt was asked by another reporter about his thoughts on candy corn.

“I’m a big candy corn fan,’’ he said.


“Those little white tips, you kind of bite those off first and kind of get ‘em out of the way. And after that, you just throw the whole thing in there. Every once in a while you may get the orange piece in the middle and just save the yellow for last. But I usually just get the tip off and I finish.”

Washington State coach Mike Leach said candy corn is as bad as mint juleps and fruit cake, Richt was told.

“Fruit cake is bad. I agree with the fruit cake comment,’’ the coach said.

In closing on the Halloween theme, Richt seemed disappointed that he didn’t get to trick-or-treat with his little granddaughter, Jadyn.

“We got to see video of Jadyn,’’ Richt said. “Our little J-bug, she was Minnie Mouse. She was an unbelievable Minnie Mouse. And what can you say? There was probably no better Minnie Mouse in the world than her last night.”

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