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FSU says Jameis Winston warming up in pads was a mixup

Winston warming up in pads a mixup

Calling it a miscommunication with the Florida State equipment staff, coach Jimbo Fisher took the blame Monday for Jameis Winston warming up in full gear before Saturday's kickoff with Clemson.

Winston raised eyebrows by participating in warmups in pads, jersey and helmet, just like he normally would, despite serving a one-game suspension.

The star sophomore had initially been scheduled to miss the first half and then play in the second. But FSU announced late Friday night that Winston's suspension would instead be for a full game.

“With the late-night suspension (announcement), he was scheduled to dress the next day and the stuff was put out in the locker when he went in to dress,” Fisher said. “He assumed he was going to dress in warm-ups. … it was our fault. We should've never had anything in the locker.

Cameras then caught Fisher sending Winston to the locker room to change. He came back to the sideline in his jersey and an FSU cap.

“He was great about it,” Fisher said. “He went in, came back out and did what he had to do … We were making adjustments, moving around and that's one par that slipped through the cracks.

Tim Linafelt