This 7-foot-7 NBA rookie is learning how to swim — in a class full of children

Swimming lessons at the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club, located in Boston, went on as normal Wednesday.

Well, almost normal.

Among the throng of children getting their taste of swimming for the first time, there was Tacko Fall, reported. The former UCF standout who now plays for the Boston Celtics proved it’s never too late to learn how to swim.

While Fall’s size — he stands 7-foot-7 — gives him a big advantage on the basketball court, it certainly was a hindrance in the popular water game, “Marco Polo,” when trying to avoid getting tagged.

According to, Fall had his first 30-minute lesson that had introductory exercises such as kicking and pushing off the wall and a game of “Marco Polo.”

Fall told the outlet he lived near beaches in his native Senegal, but wasn’t allowed to go out a lot and never learned how to swim. However, his height makes it so he can stand in most pools.

“I’m a natural,” said Fall, according to “I’m learning how to swim. This is it. I’m learning how to swim. Just give me a couple of days.”

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