Rising to higher expectations


School during the summer? Who wants that?!

This was my immediate thought when I was in the fourth grade at Norland Elementary School and my mother suggested Breakthrough to me. I was supposed to be having fun, going to the pool and eating potato chips!

But I found out that Breakthrough was much more than working all of the time. It actually offered a balanced amount of fun and work that would help me as a “scholar,” which is what Breakthrough students are called. That word makes me feel like more than a regular student. I love Breakthrough because they expect me to do well. I like having that support.

I am meeting new friends from different places who love learning like I do, and the teachers help me look forward to going to college. Breakthrough makes me want to succeed in life and become a successful engineer. I’m glad I gave Breakthrough a chance.

Clinton Forbes II is in the seventh grade at Franklin Academy and attends Breakthrough at the Miami Country Day School site.