‘Support for Hispanic journalists part of our commitment to inclusion, diversity’

American Airlines has partnered with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.
American Airlines has partnered with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

American Airlines has a long, proud history in being a leader in inclusion and diversity. Our business is built on connecting people. This is a privilege that we take to heart.

Part of our long-standing commitment to inclusion and diversity includes partnering with organizations whose values align with ours, both at the local and national level. This year we are proud to have partnered with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) as it hosts its annual conference in Miami.

The NAHJ is dedicated to the recognition and professional advancement of Hispanics in the news industry, as well as promoting accurate and fair treatment of Hispanics by the news media. We recognize the important work that the NAHJ does nationwide. It support of the work its members do, American Airlines is bringing a group of next generation journalists to Miami.

Our support of the NAHJ is part of our commitment to South Florida, a community we are proud to call home. I join our more than 130,000 colleagues from around the world in welcoming the NAHJ to Miami, a diverse city with a strong and growing Hispanic presence.

Miami is an important hub for American Airlines and our gateway to the Americas. Our longstanding commitment to the community is one that was established almost 30 years ago when we decided to build a connecting hub in Miami. Since that time we have grown from just 19 flights a day to nearly 350 and from 275 team members to nearly 13,000, all representing a myriad of nationalities and ethnicities.

At American, we strive to create an inclusive environment where our team members and customers feel valued and respected for who they are. We believe that teams are more effective when they include diverse points of views, experiences and skills.

We talk about making culture a competitive advantage at American. Fundamentally, it’s about how we treat one another and how we accept and celebrate our differences. Ensuring that we create an inclusive and respectful environment for our team and our customers is critically important to that mission. To that end, we are focused on implementing the commitments we laid out to set a new standard in corporate inclusion and diversity, including implicit bias training for all team members, conducting a company-wide diversity and inclusion gap analysis, increasing an awareness of our work environment policies and the process for team members to share instances where work environment principles are not being lived up to, and establishing a new dedicated team to investigate reported incidents and claims related to discrimination.

Inclusion and diversity aren’t fads; they are indispensable principles that shape every part of our business and benefit our customers including the more than 29 million who travel through Miami each year. We welcome the NAHJ to Miami. Bienvenidos!

Ralph Lopez is American Airlines’ vice president, Miami.