Letters to the Editor

Trump taking us back

Over the years I’ve seen the progress America has made on racial equality. Loving v. Virginia ended laws prohibiting interracial marriage; Brown v. Board of Education desegregated schools. And, of course, Martin Luther King Jr.’s martyrdom taught us that, even in the face of the world’s worst racism, love trumps hate.

But I worry about that progress. Because of Donald Trump, whom the Republicans have chosen as their presidential nominee, I see our nation regressing on all the strides our society has made for racial equality.

Trump has the support of America’s hate groups because he stands for what they believe in. KKK members have come out about their love for Trump, and he has been hesitant to condemn their beliefs. Trump’s embrace of the alt-right movement, which preaches white nationalism and anti-immigration policies, scares me and millions of American minorities.

I hope for the sake of America’s people of color and for history’s activists who gave their lives for equality, that we elect Hillary Clinton as our next president. If we do, we will move forward, not backward.

Patricia Crawford, Miramar