Letters to the Editor

KFC recipe flap

Re the various articles purporting to “out” the secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken spices, the supposed revelation of the Colonel’s secret recipe is once again wishful thinking.

I am the only surviving grandson of Colonel Sanders. I grew up partly in Corbin, Kentucky, living in the motel.

I even ran the register at the restaurant. Since then, I’ve cooked tens of thousands of chicken dinners and mixed many tons of the spices to be delivered to the franchises for their breading.

Even then, I only knew part of the spice recipe. My brother Harland was the only other family member who knew it in detail. The Colonel always had different companies make up various parts of the formula, which only he, and I, mixed together.

My step-grandmother’s nephew, the source of the story, is incorrect. Some of the ingredients he lists were absolutely not part of the recipe, while other major ingredients are missing entirely. In addition, my sister, upon seeing the picture of the recipe, affirmed that it was not our grandfather’s handwriting, a fact that can be easily verified.

According to my grandfather, besides my brother, the only other person to whom he divulged the recipe was an official of the company, which now is known as KFC International.

J. Trigg Adams, Miami