Letters to the Editor

Crashing the party

I congratulate Mike Fernandez for his willingness to articulate many of the serious flaws with Donald Trump as a presidential candidate and for his support and praise for Hillary Clinton (“I’m a Republican, and I’m with Hillary Clinton,” Sept. 1).

But I object to his concluding that the reader should “Vote for Hillary Clinton and then every single Republican on the ticket.”

Apparently, Fernandez is not yet able to see that Trump is the result of a serious and systemic problem with the Republican Party. Republicans have increasingly ignored science and facts of all types in favor of obstructionism.

In Congress, they have clearly and consistently put politics and party ahead of the good of the country. For eight years they have fought our president at every step, leaving America with a sense of helplessness and hopelessness that has given us their current candidate for president.

If Americans vote for Clinton, as they should, they should vote for every single Democrat on the ticket and avoid the kind of stalemate that we surely will suffer if she is elected with a Republican Congress.

Rod Gillis, Miami