Letters to the Editor

Stop the guns

Be it Milwaukee, Chicago or Miami, gun violence will end when guns are confiscated and people are educated, employed and motivated by positive outcomes in their life. Idle hands are the work of the devil.

Hello, conservative Christians, the devil loves guns and the violence they do. Our local gun shop had a truckload of AK-47s, selling to anyone who walked in the door. They are easily converted to full automatic weapons, and they sold out. I saw two young gangbangers in there negotiating on buying four of them.

What would they need those weapons for? But hey, the NRA says it’s their God-given right to buy them — the God-given right to the rest of society to live a peaceful life be damned.

We must contact our politicians and pray they do something about it other than cash their NRA campaign contribution checks. Politicians are just as responsible for gun violence as the gangbangers who use guns.

Carl Buehler, Plantation