Letters to the Editor

Football follies

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has said that the reason he did not stand for the National Anthem is because of what he perceives as racial inequality in this country. It’s OK for him to amass $42 million from this “bigoted” nation, but he refuses to acknowledge our anthem. What a fool!

But Kaepernick is not alone. Miami Dolphin running back Arian Foster weighed in on the topic, agreeing with Kaepernick, citing that his father was wrongfully pulled over by the police 15 years ago, proving that racial bigotry exists.

I have no problem with citizen Foster saying whatever he wants to say. But, as a member of the Miami Dolphins, he’s a public figure. The only reason that anything he says is relevant is because he’s a Dolphin player. If he were a delivery guy, or a store clerk, then no one would mind him expressing his views. But, he isn’t. He’s a member of a local sports team that I support.

Well, not anymore. If he’s on the roster, then I no longer support the team. There, that’s my voice.

Douglas Reese,

Palmetto Bay