Letters to the Editor

Plant smart

I often question the sanity and credibility of county officials who decide which trees to plant on county roads. On Southwest 62nd Avenue between Miller and Sunset drives, there are many Cassia trees. While these trees produce pretty yellow flowers, they are not strong-rooted and will easily fall over during strong winds. Already, those trees are tilting.

The county chose to plant Pigeon Plums in a line in clusters. Pigeon Plums tend to get a leaf spotting disease which easily transfers to each other when they are planted too close together. Already some of them have blown over.

While I am not a horticulturist, I know enough about certain types of trees. What a shame that trees suffer and taxpayer monies are misspent because county officials, who supposedly are knowledgeable, have not chosen the most appropriate trees for specific spots. I hope that before there are future plantings on county property, officials learn more about the nature of trees rather than just looking at their beauty.

Ellen D. Coulton,

South Miami