Letters to the Editor

Zika worries

To avoid Zika mosquitoes, I drain water from containers and cover them, but I am unable to do anything about a stagnant swimming pool filled with slime at the house next door.

I have complained for the past five months. Chase Home Finance owns the house, but does nothing. The county says Miami Shores has jurisdiction. Code enforcement and the village manager tell me they are working on it. But the stagnant water is still there.

Maybe the slime is too toxic for mosquito larvae. Maybe Chase Home Finance will drain the pool instead of running up penalties and then negotiating a discounted payment. Maybe the village will get its act together and do something. Maybe my family and I, all of us senior citizens, will not be bitten. Maybe the young couple and their infant moving in nearby won’t be affected. Winter is coming, and maybe the ‘Zikitoes’ will disappear.

Edward Sunshine,

Miami Shores