Letters to the Editor

Does he see them?

Leonard Pitts’ Aug. 28 column, “The forgotten Americans who love Trump,” posited a ridiculous notion, saying of Donald Trump that, “He sees them.”

They see him, for sure, like kids see sugar-plum fairies. He appeals to their base fantasies, so why wouldn’t he have them at “Hello?” But as far as he seeing them, as in they are not invisible in his eyes, that’s nonsense.

When Trump became the face and force behind the “birther” movement, he drew notice from those who, not able to accept the idea that their America would elect a black man as president, made Barack Obama an “other.” Long-form birth certificates from here to Honolulu would not change their minds. So Trump was their guy from that moment on.

But they were not even on Trump’s horizon. His face was big and broad on their TV screens while theirs were not even microbial in his eyes. Would he have seen them on his golf course? Going up the Trump Tower escalator? In the Mar-a-Lago ballroom? Anywhere he socialized or did business? Anywhere?

If they worked for him, did he see them then? Is there any evidence Donald Trump saw this grumbling underbelly Pitts describes? Is there any evidence at all from anything Trump said before declaring to run that he would champion the average left-behind white man? Or did the fact that his hate speech was the dog whistle that drew this group out of the shadows and basically, along with all the free media, give him the nomination that accounts for the notion that “he sees them?”

He may have appealed to them and now he owes them, but I don’t see any way that he saw them before or even wants to look at them now.

In Trump’s universe, everything that emanates from him is anointed, and everything and everyone else is expendable.

Natalie Altman,