Letters to the Editor

Be transparent

While I acknowledge the problems the Clinton Foundation has in terms of its association with different entities, one should not lose sight of its stated mission and accomplishments, nor of the numerous global initiatives it is involved in.

The Clinton Foundation has been committed to working with businesses, foreign governments and nongovernmental organizations to improve the lives of girls and women throughout the world. Hillary Clinton has gone to great lengths to disclose personal information, be it income taxes or health.

In contrast, Donald Trump has yet to disclose his tax returns, even those not going through an audit. His medical information, which was made public recently, is brief and contains few specifics. His Trump Foundation has not disclosed who, if any, are the recipients of his donations.

His campaign spending is mostly going to Trump business entities, including Tag Air, Trump Tower, Trump Water, Mar-a-Lago, etc., not to any outside businesses.

He is actually paying himself for running for president with donated funds and funds that should be going to other Republican candidates.

The American people should demand transparency, yes, from both candidates, and the press should not let up on this issue.

Rosa Maria Hanchett,

Coral Gables