Letters to the Editor

Charity must close

Despite a history of half-truths, lies and other bad behavior by Hillary Clinton and her husband, I was prepared to hold my nose and vote for her to become president. However, given the recent revelations about access gained by wealthy donors to the Clinton Foundation, she has most likely lost my vote.

The idea that the uber-rich seek to curry favor is not surprising; the fact that they have been successful is disturbing. It is hypocritical for Clinton to decry Citizens United, but behave consistent with the worst fears of those who care about the influence of money in politics.

Until we can be assured that Clinton and her family have severed ties to any vehicle for the receipt of payola, she doesn’t deserve our votes. A horrible byproduct is that not voting for Clinton makes the alternative a possibility — even if you don’t vote for Donald Trump.

If the Clintons commit to closing The Clinton Foundation and ending the absurd paid speaking engagements — Bill’s too — I would reconsider. Charity work is important, but it ought to be left to those who have nothing to sell but their noble cause.

Marshall Dore Louis,