Letters to the Editor

Fix the failures

Re the Herald’s Aug. 24 editorial, “New laws mean little when DCF fails kids”: The state Department of Children & Families is but one of many agencies ultimately controlled by the state courts, which have utterly failed to protect Floridians, young and old, from harm.

The most vulnerable in Florida are at risk every day because of inept, self-serving elected officials, lazy, politically controlled law enforcement and smug, unsupervised, unaccountable judges who are too cozy with other fat cats to be bothered by families desperate to save their loved ones, as in Probate Court, the plight of the helpless baby in the clutches of a drug-addled, violent, sick parent or the father in Family Court trying to hold on to his children in a divorce. Their lives do not matter in Florida.

The death of yet another innocent must be laid at the feet of the judges and officials who rule over state courts, DCF, Adult Protective Services and Elder Affairs. When will we see them held accountable for their awful failures?

Sam Sugar,