Letters to the Editor

Yes on solar

Property owners who invest in renewable energy — helping to stem the tide of rising sea levels — should not be penalized in the form of increased property taxes. That’s why Florida’s voters should vote “Yes” on Amendment 4, which would exempt from property taxes the value of green energy upgrades such as solar panels.

With increased flooding along South Florida’s coastline, we’re already feeling the devastating effects of climate change. Yet surprisingly, many Florida policymakers have kept their heads in the beach sand. The use of solar energy in the Sunshine State shamefully lags behind most other states.

At the recent Climate Reality Leadership Training workshop in Houston, Al Gore and other climate advocates expressed empathy for Florida’s challenges and support for our efforts to overcome them. Amendment 4 may be a small step toward addressing the threat of climate change, but we no longer can afford inaction; the threat to our economy, lifestyle and well-being is quite literally lapping at our shore.

Erin Clancy,

conservation director

Tropical Audubon Society, Miami