Letters to the Editor

An anti-Clinton vote

As we inch closer to the 2016 elections, polls suggest the majority of voters are supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. These voters seem either to agree with her views regarding allowing illegal immigrants into the country, viewing them no differently from legal immigrants and going as far as to recruit their support and influence with their legal family and friends.

They apparently also see the Second Amendment as an antiquated part of the Constitution, which Clinton shows through her belief that shooting victims should be able to sue the manufacturer of any guns used in the shooting, a ridiculous notion.

These voters are not willing to hold their candidate to standards that would have avoided all of the email scandals and would have not allowed her to pass the buck on Benghazi, which was then compounded by the administration lying about the cause of it to cover up the original blunder.

Yes, the majority of these voters will choose to overlook the failed actions of this career politician, but I will instead overlook the vulgar way Trump expresses himself and support his anti-Clinton policies.

Frank Lujan,