Letters to the Editor

Netanyahu welcome

Congress and the White House are separate but equal branches of government. House Speaker John Boehner has the authority to issue an invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

We must hear what the prime minister has to say about the danger Israel faces if Iran becomes nuclear. The Feb. 10 editorial, Reconsider, Mr. Netanyahu, left out that Britain’s prime minister recently lobbied the Congress on Iran without being invited. Boehner’s ploy is referred to as cynical when, in fact, it’s Pres. Obama who is cynical.

You say that the president is concerned about Israeli elections. If true, why did Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry meet with Israeli labor leader Isaac Herzog in Germany? Herzog is Netanyahu’s election opponent.

In this we agree: Netanyahu is no dummy. I know who the dummy is. Biden is irrelevant, and he won’t be missed.

Jose A. Mesa, Jr., Kendall