Letters to the Editor

Scoffing at ‘Sunshine’

We’re reaching a high-water mark for hypocrisy by Gov. Rick Scott’s office. The cloudiness of the past few days is not the weather, it’s the governor’s staff covering Florida’s sunshine provisions with a very large metaphorical blanket. They obviously have missed the chapter in the Florida handbook on the Sunshine Law:

▪ The firing of the FDLE chief has reached fiasco level and if the cabinet heads, especially Attorney General Pam Bondi, do not implement a full-scale investigation, they should be recalled.

▪ The situation regarding the Department of Corrections is equally disturbing. First, Secretary Julie Jones admits to a legislative committee that private prisons are cherry-picking lowest cost inmates to bolster their profit margins. The next day she tries to recant some of these comments after being gagged by the governor’s office.

▪ The DOC then gags the agency’s management so that no information about abuse of inmates, poor healthcare and pending lawsuits are made public.

“Public” is not a term with which the governor is familiar. Whether the FDLE, DOC or his emails and travel, the governor apparently has no regard for the Sunshine provision that is the bedrock of Florida governing.

Mitchell J. Schlesinger, Miami