Letters to the Editor

Beginning again

Trump’s motto contains the word “again.” When did “again” end, because if we are going back to making coal a staple, then pollution and smog and breathing issues will be issues again.

Does again mean before or after the Voting Rights Act? Before or after integration? After equal pay, or before? Can we go back to before the national debt was $20 trillion? Democrats gave us Social Security and Medicare. Is it before or after that? Republicans have been in control of both houses of Congress and a plurality of state houses and legislatures, including Florida.

Gas prices are at a low point, unemployment below 5 percent, jobs being created at more than 200,000 a month, the Dow at 17,500, millions of citizens now have health insurance and some progressive states have a $15 minimum wage.

So please, someone help define “again” for me so I can plan for the future. I think we are blaming the wrong crowd, although I sure would love a viable third party to run them all out of town and start over “again.”

Mike Melnick,

North Miami Beach