Letters to the Editor

Voting-rights bias

Re the Aug. 14 story “Florida leads the nation in disenfranchising former felons: I note the story’s obvious liberal bias and slanted writing style.

First, it quotes a conservative writer as being in favor of restoring felons’ voting rights and notes three different times that he is a Republican. But when mentioning three Florida politicians — Charlie Crist, Jeff Atwater and Adam Putnam — who also are in favor of restoring felon voting rights, you never mention that they, too, are or were Republicans.

And couldn’t you find at least one Democrat to quote who is opposed to restoration in a state with a population of nearly 20 million people?

Also, the story fails to include the fact that in states where there is automatic restoration of felons’ voting rights, felons vote, according to all surveys, overwhelmingly for Democrats.

Isn’t that a pertinent fact to include in any discussion of this issue? But doing so would disclose the Herald’s real motivation for pushing automatic voting rights for felons, wouldn’t it?

Barbara Sullivan,

Coral Gables