Letters to the Editor

Clinton’s deceit

At the DNC convention, Hillary Clinton was trying to identify with poor folks by implying she struggled in her early home life. She said her mother was abandoned as a child, and that she remembers her father toiling to dye fabrics to sell as draperies.

The truth is that her mother’s parents were dysfunctional so she was sent to live with her grandparents; hardly the same as being abandoned. President Obama, as well as many other children, was raised by his grandparents.

Her father worked hard to establish a fabric and drapery business and became extremely successful. He was also a staunch Republican his whole life.

She may not have been born rich, but certainly grew up in a wealthy family. Clinton can hardly claim she was one of the poor folks. When she is not outright lying, Hillary is being deceptive. Does it ever stop?

Ira Jacobson,

Coral Gables