Letters to the Editor

Everglades help

I’m delighted that President Barack Obama is paying attention to the restoration of the Everglades. (Obama proposes $240 million in 2016 for Everglades restoration, Feb. 3) Though, this seems too good to be true.

Around $124 million is to be given to the US Army Corps of Engineers. I’m concerned for three reasons:

First, because the military is the number one reason for the breakdown of the environment.

Why is this much money being given to those affiliated with the reasons there are environmental degradation issues to begin with?

Second, there have been no specific projects named. Before money is passed out, shouldn’t one establish and analyze methods and methodologies that will be used to restore the land?

Third, and perhaps the most important, why does Obama think Americans, generally speaking, wouldn’t make certain connections such as these?

Jane M. Curry, Pompano Beach