Letters to the Editor

Won’t endorse in school races

Recognizing that Florida has five of the top 12 most populous school districts in the country, Florida Parents Against Common Core (FPACC), a which is dedicated to stopping the implementation of Common Core across Florida, has taken an in-depth look at the candidates in Miami-Dade County.

While recognizing the honor-worthy public service credentials of some the candidates, FPACC reviewed the candidates’ biographies, school board objectives, and experience in education policy. We are unable to issue a single endorsement.

We look for champions of school reform that demand accountability in a reasonable manner. Parents seek assurance that school board members will engage in vigorous defense of parental, teacher, and student rights.

Will the candidate, and later school board member, prioritize a teacher-driven, learning-centric classroom environment over a Common Core-driven, testing-centric environment? Acknowledge that the Florida Standards Assessments do not always adequately measure subject matter proficiency and that alternatives must be an option for every student? Be determined to stop the requirement of teacher evaluation based primarily on student performance and work aggressively for adequate and just pay for teachers? Engage fully with parents regarding curriculum, standards, textbooks, technology, and testing concerns with transparency and openness? Work for fiscal responsibility and effectiveness when deliberating over and allocating Miami-Dade's $5 billion school year budget? For now, the answers to the above important questions are: I don't know.

School board members and candidates must do a better job communicating with parents and residents.

We hold our school board members in high regard and take our school board elections with utmost seriousness.

Luz de los Angeles Gonzalez,

State Director Florida Parents Against Common Core,