Letters to the Editor

Trump brand name

Donald Trump can explain away his Second Amendment remark all he wants, but it was clearly code to unstable gun nuts.

He has achieved his goal of making his name the most talked about brand on the planet without spending a penny on public relations or advertising.

Is he serious about being president? He hasn’t run a single commercial, his state headquarters are clamoring for materials such as yard signs and bumper stickers, and the only cabinet name he’s put forward is Ivanka, his daughter. The only plan I see is, “Bail when the moment’s right.”

Trump is a smart man who knows he’s not cut out to be president. Share power with Congress? It would drive him nuts. Using this election to promote his brand is a win-win. After he loses, which he’s trying hard to do, he’ll still be the most famous name and will have shown his marketing genius to the world.

Of course, it could backfire — one of those gun nuts might feel betrayed.

Peter Evans, Key Biscayne