Letters to the Editor

Libertarian decries party’s demise

This Aug. 30 should be an exciting time in history for Florida Libertarians as they experience their first-ever U.S. Senate primary.

Instead, the Libertarian Party’s efforts are put into organizing Operation Occupy the Primary, where disenfranchised Democrats and Republicans will be pulled to the side by the Libertarian Party’s operation in an attempt to bring those voters in November for the presidential election to the Gary Johnson camp.

Since the only Libertarian candidate exposed to the media by the party, Paul Stanton, follows a very liberal platform, the attraction for the Democratic voter is clear, leaving the U.S. Senate in Marco Rubio’s hands.

Libertarian opponent Augustus Invictus follows the party’s platform, but lost favoritism solely based on made-up stories and demonization last year by then party Chairman Adrian Wyllie; none of the stories have been substantiated yet the smear campaign continues.

The libertarian principle of self ownership includes the individual’s decision making.

However, the party operates like the statist Democrat operation where decisions are made by others, for you.

Recent exposure from emails within the DNC reveals favoritism toward Hillary Clinton and marginalization of Bernie Sanders, an overtly biased representation and the state party ignoring an opportunity for publicity.

The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) is following the major parties’ duopoly politics, a party status that will never be reached unless integrity is restored.

The LPF has become the Party of Preference.

Caren Smith,

Healthcare consultant

and LPF member