Letters to the Editor

Aid funds stolen

In the Aug. 11 opinion article Hamas is an enemy of its own people, Lior Haiat, Israeli Consul General to Florida and Puerto Rico, definitively demonstrated Hamas’ perfidy in massively stealing aid money from its neediest subjects.

That, though, shouldn’t surprise, given its history of willfully exposing its people to extreme dangers by repeatedly initiating war against Israel, then cynically exploiting their subsequent misery for propaganda purposes.

These new revelations, however, show that well-intentioned donors have been complicit, however unwittingly, in enabling such tactics.

It’s impossible to imagine that Hamas hasn’t systematically infiltrated many, if not most, humanitarian agency offices in Gaza, or that a similar Palestinian Authority pattern doesn’t happen in the West Bank.

For too long, aid groups have deliberately ignored all the warning signs of such nefarious pilfering. That can absolutely no longer be an option.

Richard D. Wilkins,

Boca Raton