Letters to the Editor

Plato’s allegory

The latest noises coming out of the political arena remind me of Plato’s cave allegory.

I see the masses in the cave with their heads in bonds; they can see the cave’s entrance where true light shines, but none of them opts for that route.

The hate rhetoric is the fire behind them that shines on objects projecting only shadows on the wall, black and white caricatures of a complex reality.

Reality and truth escape that group so much that even cognitive dissonance is no longer a nuisance considering their alleged core religious values and even ideas of justice have no significance anymore as they are consumed by their own ignorance, intolerance and hate.

What we are witnessing today is beyond fanaticism, it’s a collective insanity of a segment of the population who feel they are losing grip on something that’s legitimately theirs and theirs only. They don’t realize they are making choices against their own interests.

Harry Angus,

Pembroke Pines