Letters to the Editor

Chiszar for mayor

I am running for mayor of Miami-Dade County. I am an Army veteran and the former chairman of the local Democratic Party. I have a master’s of public administration from FIU, with certificates in homeland security and emergency management. I

I pledge to reform the corrupt and inefficient county. I will increase transparency and get the money out of local politics. I refuse to play the corrupt fund-raising game and am punished by the media for it. I am self-funding. Voters can see many of my positions at bjformayor.com

I am motivated to serve the public, as seen through my service in the elite Military Intelligence Corps, cleaning the historic African-American cemetery, Lincoln Memorial Park, in Brownsville and preserving the pine rocklands. I am ready to deliver workable solutions to address violent crime, economic development, Zika, traffic, tolls, high taxes and fees, adult illiteracy, corruption and destruction of our God given environment. Join me — vote #121.

B.J. Chiszar, Miami