Letters to the Editor

Murphy’s campaign

Your Aug. 9 article “With mostly quiet summer, is Patrick Murphy avoiding voters?,” criticizing Patrick Murphy for supposedly not making enough public appearances or meeting enough voters reaches the height of arrogance. It implies that you are the arbiter of what a candidate should do in a campaign to get his message across to the voters of this huge state. Who appointed you?

When did the Herald become the judge of how a candidate should meet his voters or run a campaign?

Murphy has met thousands of voters in Florida in the past many weeks in a tireless, well-managed campaign to replace Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate, a goal that I and many Floridians hold dear.

The more grievous dereliction that you should expose is Rubio's record number of absences in the Senate on crucial votes, hearings and events that cost the people of Florida who pay him handsomely in salary and perquisites for a job he fails to perform.

From the start of his Senate term in January 2011, Rubio has earned about $1 million in salary from the people of Florida. That’s what you should report, not shallow stories of campaign events that a candidate did not schedule.

Charles A. Intriago, Miami