Letters to the Editor

Helping the Boomers

Reading story after story of the condo boom and bust in downtown Miami and Brickell, we can see that these condos present no real options for the 75 and older population that will soon need places to live.

Baby Boomers are retiring in droves, resulting in an unprecedented American demographic shift. The last Baby Boomer turns 65 in 2030, so many think we can kick the can down the road for another decade, but the reality is we must start preparing now for this population.

A growing body of research underscores the importance of designing or retrofitting communities for seniors who are active. Neighborhoods that are designed for walking help seniors remain healthy, social and happy.

We suffer from a severe shortage of personal and community planning when it comes to where and how to age. To provide a decent quality of life for our seniors who have given so much for us, we must first recognize their need to be involved in deciding how and where they live.

Dr. Jose Orcasita-Ng,