Letters to the Editor

Follow the law

According to letter writer David Feliu, “FBI Director James Comey erred when he chastised Hillary Clinton for, in his opinion, recklessly using a private server to conduct State Department business” (“James Comey’s error?, July 31).

Actually, he erred by not going far enough.

I suppose that “the fact that an ever-growing list of government agencies have been hacked” could be used to argue that the Clinton server “may have been more secure.” It is also totally irrelevant that, “There is no evidence that Clinton’s emails were compromised.”

The key phrases are “gross negligence” and “reasonable person.” A jury should determine the appropriate outcome. This is a country bound to the rule of law. All citizens, especially those aspiring to be president, are expected to follow, not ignore, its laws.

John Goehl,

Biscayne Park